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Parent's Responsibility

Praise Kidz Korner Child Development Center, LLC. has written policies and procedures for the handling of emergencies.  Praise Kidz Korner schedules carries out and documents all emergency drills. Emergency Evacuation plans are posted on the information Bulletin Board.  If in the event our location needs to be evacuated… hereby notice is given that our


Will Logan Free Library of Philadelphia.  The location of this site is 1333 Wagner Ave. Phila. Pa. 19141


Emergency Contact forms are kept on file for each child attending Praise Kidz Korner. In case of injury or illness, the forms are used to notify and advise the parent/guardian of the child’s status.  It is extremely important that the information be kept current with correct phone numbers

Also, Follow the school district of Phila inclement weather closings. 

It is necessary that the parent/ guardian provide identification upon enrollment to be kept on file.

Please review the following reasons…

As a designated drop off person… one must be on file

In case of emergency… officials will need to verify with information in the child’s file

In case monies are owed to Praise Kidz Korner… We have the right to obtain request for monies both 

legally as well as through the three major credit bureaus.


Filming or picture taking will not be allowed without parent/guardian permission.  When permission is received all will then become property of the Daycare.

Parents may not record or video activities without permission from the director.

A “Photo Release” form may be signed at the time of enrollment and permission will be granted at the time, as to the use of these photos.

Please review our holiday and vacation policy for closings. 

If one of the listed holidays falls on a Saturday, the holiday will be observed on the preceding Friday. Holidays have been taken into consideration in the overall tuition rates, and full tuition is due for the weeks in which holidays occur.  Praise Kidz Korner reserves the right to close for holidays annually. We will also take a one week (7 days) paid vacation. You must find alternate childcare for that week. You will be given notice.

New Year’s Eve (closing at 1pm)

New Year’s Day

Martin Luther King, Jr Day

Easter Monday

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day/ following day

Christmas Eve (closing at 1pm)

Christmas Day (following day)

A $25 registration fee is due at the time of enrollment.  Once a child discontinues enrollment, a new registration fee must be paid to regain enrollment.  This also ensures placement for your child.  Fees cover all basic supplies.  Parents of infants must supply diapers, formula, and food.  You are still responsible for childcare fees whether you child attends five days or not.

Tuition is due by 5:30 p.m. each Monday for the week of care. If your child does not attend on Monday your payment is still Due.

There will be a $25 late fee on all payments received after Monday.  After the third day your child will not receive care until all fees are satisfied. Childcare hours are from 7:30am to 5:30pm. Late pick-up fees are $3 a minute thereafter. (Due at time of Pick-up)

We accept cash and money order payments. Payments are to be received/ handed directly to the office. You may also use a credit or debit card as well. Receipts/ invoices will be printed to reflect your newest payment.

-Cash App

Each child will be given 1 week a year vacation credit.  A vacation week is considered to be Monday-Friday, and if the child is absent the entire week tuition will not be charged.  A two week notice is required to obtain vacation week credits.  This offer is not valid for those enrolled in summer only care.

Please call the office in order to advise of a child’s absence.  Although a child will not be in attendance, payment for the entire week will be incurred.  If receiving subsidy and the payment is not received for the days of absence by the daycare…. The parent /guardian will then become responsible.

General Information

In an effort to make your child’s time with us comfortable as possible we encourage you to send in a feeding schedule along with their bottles, food, bibs, and spoons.  You must provide Praise Kidz Korner with diapers, wipes, and ointments.  If your child used cloth diapers you should provide plastic bags.  Flexibility, responsiveness and emphasis on individualized care for each infant are especially important to us in providing a sense of security for both you and your baby.  All babies’ belongings and food should be clearly labeled.  We will not dispense unlabeled food and bottles.


Our 2-5 year olds enjoy arts and crafts including coloring, painting, cutting, pasting, and encouragement

for creativity.  Cooking, music, field trips and special events such as trips to the “Philadelphia Zoo” and the “Please Touch Museum” are favorite activities.  We provide a balance of quiet activities, such as story time, puzzles, games with more active play, such as tricycle riding and using a fenced in play yard. We ask that all children under 2 be accompanied by an adult for supervision. If you child will not be traveling with the daycare alternate care will be your responsibility. Unless staffing permits.

Praise Kidz Korner will be sure to ASSIST you with toilet training.  Please continue using diapers until your child is confident and can begin using cloth underwear.  We ask that you work with the staff in developing a schedule for toilet use.  Please note that the same strict sanitary practices apply to toilet training as diapering.

Please be sure that your child has 2 changes of clothes.  A child should feel relaxed about his creative art and creative play.  Best clothes should be kept for a special dress up occasions. 


For all children that are not toilet trained, please be sure to pack an ample supply of training pants and diapers.  Supply should allow changing every 2-3 hours unless your child shows signs of loose stool.

Any ointment, cream, or wipes your child may need to keep skin soft should be provided by the parent. Two full sets of clothing for all children should be here at the center because of spills and accidents that may occur with youngsters.  Please include:





These items will be at the center in case of an emergency.  If you feel it is necessary to provide any additional sets of clothing, please feel free to do so.  If your child does not have a change of clothes and their clothing becomes soiled Praise Kidz Korner will gladly provide and emergency set for lending purposes only.  The items must be returned the next day that your child attends daycare.

If your child is 12 months or older, bring a small fitted sheet and a small blanket for your child to rest at nap time.  These items should be small enough to fit neatly in the bottom compartment of his/her cubby.  All children attending Praise Kidz Korner will have a rest period. A cot will be provided for each child and disinfected daily.  All children need a chance to rest and relax as determined by the Department of Human Services..

Am snack, Lunch, Pm snack, and Dinner will be provided by Praise Kidz Korner  however; if you the parent/guardian decide that you would like to provide a lunch for your child please be mindful that all foods should be ready to serve with a variety of nutritional items.  There should be an adequate amount of juice and milk.  Lunch boxes will be placed in the refrigerator on designated shelves labeled with your child’s name.

(We try to avoid sugar as much as possible.)

No toys are to be brought from home unless it is show and tell. (Friday)  We appreciate you in understanding that Praise Kidz Korner will not tolerate nor allow the use of guns, war toys, or playing with sharp items.  Praise Kidz Korner takes pride in setting the example that we are a nonviolent center and wishes to instill the same in those attending.

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To avoid the spread of infection and illness, we cannot permit a child who has any of the illnesses or symptoms of illness specified below to be admitted to the center on any given day unless medical diagnosis from a licensed physician, which has been communicated to the center in writing, that indicates that the child poses no serious health risk to any other children attending the center.  Such illnesses or symptoms of


Illness shall include, but not limited to any of the following:

Severe pain or discomfort

Acute diarrhea (2 bouts)

Two or more episodes of vomiting within a 24 hour period

Temperature of 100 degrees

Sore throat

Severe coughing

Yellow eyes or jaundiced skin

Infected, untreated skin patches

Skin rashes, excluding diaper rash, lasting more than one day

Difficult to rapid breathing

Blood in urine


Praise Kidz Korner will not permit a child or caregiver with an excludable communicable disease as listed below, to be admitted to remain at the center until a note from a licensed physician states that the diagnosis no longer presents a risk to themselves or others

Chicken pox,  German measles, Hemophilus -Influenzae, Swine Flu, Measles Mumps, Strep 

Throat Tuberculosis, Ringworm, Whooping cough , Lice, Hepatitis A, Impetigo, Scabies, 

Common cold.

If a child shows any of the above symptoms, the parent/guardian will be called and asked to come within the hour to pick up the child.  Although Praise Kidz Korner would love to assist you in the care of your sick little one… we do not have the provisions to care for sick children at this time other than the brief period it would take to arrange pick up of the child. If the parent /guardian cannot be reached, we will use the emergency contact person on the Emergency Contact Form

If your child has been diagnosed with a communicable disease, please contact the center immediately so a notice can be posted.

If antibiotics are required to treat an illness, children must be on antibiotics for 24 hours before returning to the center.  Children must also be symptom free for a period of 24 hours.

Staff will only administer prescription medication only under the following conditions:

The parent must sign and date the proper medication log

Medication must be in the original container with the child’s name on it

Under the orders of a physician

Your child may celebrate this special day with us if you would like. Cupcakes or cakes, etc.. may be brought in for snack time. Check with the provider for the number of children in attendance.

In the event of heavy snow falls, building emergencies, hurricanes, tornadoes, or other severe weather conditions, the center may be open or remain open for as long as safety permits.  We will be closed for snow as determined by the Philadelphia Area School District. If the School District is operating on a one-hour delay we will open at 7:00 a.m. If the school district is operating on a two-hour delay we will open at 8:00a.m.  Full tuition is due for week in which emergency conditions require the center to be closed.

Praise Kidz Korner reserves the right to dismiss a child from the program for the following reasons:


  •                   Delinquency and inability to pay fees
  •                   Child’s adjustment to the program is unsatisfactory
  •                   The program is unable to meet the needs of the child
  •                   Continues irreparable behavior issues
  •                   Serious illness to the child 
  •                   Non-payment

Two weeks (14 business days) written notice is required to dis-enroll the child.

Full tuition is due for this period.  For those who are on subsidized assistance, if CCIS, or DHS refuses to pay for the two weeks in any event you are hereby advised that Praise Kidz Korner will hold you responsible for all monies due.  A request for your case to be sanctioned, and the amount owed will be placed on your credit report.


NOTE: There are situations where you may be guaranteed issuance of emergency such as death, relocation from state to state, etc.. Proper documentation must be received for such granted emergencies.


Safety is an extremely important aspect of the center’s program. Every effort has been made and will continue to be made to create a safe environment and employ a competent staff.  You can help us maintain safety by abiding by the following procedures.

When entering and leaving the center please be sure to sign your child in and out everyday.

When you abide by these rules, you help us to keep ALL of the children safe and secure.  If your child should fall or get hurt and they inform the caregivers, they will apply the proper first aid treatment required.  If the injury appears to be serious (bruise, large bump, cut, etc) Praise Kidz Korner will contact the parent by phone and inform them of the incident that occurred. If the parent/guardian cannot be reached Praise Kidz Korner will contact the person listed on the Emergency Contact Form.

The caregiver will then complete and Incident Report Form and the parent/guardian will receive a copy which will require a signature.

The staff is informed of safety rules, special hazards and commonly occurring accidents.  They have received detailed instructions on evacuation procedures, fire safety and how to report an accident.  A caregiver with certified First Aid and CPR Training is on the premises at all times

We would like for all children to participate in fundraising for the Praise Kidz Korner  . They will have 4 opportunities to raise money for the Center’s needs which will benefit your child. your child.

Praise Kidz Korner will keep a file for the child called the GRAB & GO book which will provide your child’s information, acknowledgments, assessments, consents, agreements, contract immunization, logs etc…

This book is taken any and everywhere your child may go.

Every child must have an age appropriate health report on record, including a physical examination and immunizations.   Praise Kidz Korner provides a form for this purpose and this form must be returned within 30 business days after the child begins attendance at the center.  Evidence of yearly medical examinations as well as updated age appropriate immunizations must be documented thereafter.

Please be sure to make an appointment with a caregiver to discuss your child’s development. It will be a time of sharing joys, expressing concerns, and of getting to know the staff at Praise Kidz Korner better.

Praise Kidz Korner believes strongly in the saying that “Play is your child’s job”.  Instead of earning a paycheck, he/she earns the skills needed to become a capable, independent adult.  Your child will learn almost everything he/she needs to know by watching, listening, speaking, tasting, smelling, handling and moving about.  At this early stage, children are capable of absorbing more than many people realize.  They should be able to play a wide range and variety of games. They should be able to operate all toys, function in any activity given and listen to books and songs.  The children will have a curriculum of basic preschool taught on a regular daily basis.

Through these experiences, we hope to help your child develop walking, talking, writing, and reading skills.  We also hope to help your child develop socially, emotionally and spiritually.

We would like to encourage you to read the entire Handbook to assure that you are aware of procedures and regulations given by the Department of Human Services and in the event of an emergency you will know how to obtain your children from our care. Here are some of the items in the Handbook that are sometimes overlooked. If you would just sign in the appropriate place that you have read and understand the guidelines this will ensure that there will be no miscommunication throughout the care of you little one.


Application Form

Pre- Enrollment Form

Tuition and Fees

Attendance Policy 

Photo Release Form

Child Development handbook

Handbook Signature Page

Meeting Request

Physical Child Form

Emergency Contact

Daycare Agreement

Covid-19 Supplemental Guidance